Autumn in Paris is especially beautiful. After hot summer, the city cools and calms down, and then appears magic. Limbs of trees
change their colour fluidly, so in October-November some branches are still green. It looks like an "autumn rainbow": from 
bright-green via sunny-yellow to scarlet and wine colours.

Air grows colder, and the sweet own smell of Paris gets far more distinctive.
This time of year, an interesting lady with fascinating name – Vivienne – loves to stroll in my favourite Luxemburg Garden. She never goes unnoticed against sand-coloured Paris facades and the roofs the colour of thunder-clouds: today I couldn’t take my eyes off her raspberry-coloured wide brimmed hat, off her neatly styled ashy hair, her trench-coat making lower edge of her chiffon red dress visible, and off her little black shoes pacing rhythmically to Medici Fountain. It’s her best-loved place in the Garden; but today she has decided to read a little in the sun and settled on an olive-coloured bench.
I’ve been sitting not far off and admired how she was turning pages with care hardly touching them with her fingers. One moment she stopped, raised her beautiful porcelain face to the sky and closed her eyes. She took a deep breath, and the corners of her lips lifted in a faint smile.
Unbelievable fabulous tranquillity, happiness and internal power were flowing from the lady. Just observing her was enough to learn a lesson she taught me: Don’t press time; enjoy every moment whatever it might be. Give it all respect and attention, no
matter if it is reading, or a cup of hot coffee while walking through an autumn park, or a conversation with people who are dear
to your heart.
Indeed, why are we in a hurry all the time? Why do we keep thinking of the past or future, when the most important is always
here and now? So one can just smile and say thank you, as our new friend did.