Simone has always strived to look chic wherever she went:
• to the Bakery at the corner where Monsieur Jaques with incredible moustache with which
Simone fell in love at a glance worked – it was so dashingly upturned and it was so puffy
right as her favourite croissants with orange confiture were;
• to the market to get some fragrant vegetables and herbs, which she loved to bake

for Ratatouille in her special way;
• to the post-office where her coming would arouse enthusiastic smiles and admiration with
the officers and customers in long queues;
Simone was absolutely sure that you must always look good for it was the best remedy
against being mythically old! It raised spirits, it inspired everybody around! Even if you had
got out of your bed on the wrong side, so put the chic shoes on and go dancing!
BonBon, the dog, was the first to get it; he didn’t avert his faithful loving eyes from his
owner who in her turn had always a tin of olives in her handbag ready – her precious
BonBonnie’s favourite dainty!