All of us must have at least one personal ritual that helps to get absorbed in work, or makes it possible to forget daily routine, or gives one a sensation of ‘here and now’ in full.
For someone, it’s taking a hot bath at the end of the workday. And it must be with aromatic foam and sea salt. For someone, the ritual is cooking some new special dish "every Saturday" for friends or the family.
Some dance before work to cheer up, or go the swimming pool or even to the tennis court in the morning bright and early! Some go to the cinema without fail every Friday, while some watch the favourite film once and again when they feel sad.
Everyone has a fairy personal ritual. I love the word – it adds magic to our life:)
Our new friend has also his ritual. Luca is a perfumer. His work is being surrounded with all sorts of aromas and scents. His nose has been recognised to be one of the best in Paris! He loves his job dearly, but even such experts face the moments when everything gets in a mess. Then our friend goes to his favourite café which he frequented to in his early years with his dear grandpa. He would find there the same tall back armchairs with soft cushion and exquisite upholstery, mild smell of wood and cinders in the fireplace. Luca comes in, sinks into his favourite armchair coloured as Paris dusk, takes out a notebook and grandpa’s old pen, which he fills thoroughly and regularly before going to the café. Then he orders black coffee with no sugar. It is the coffee aroma and the atmosphere around makes his head clear, and his nose free from fragrant work thoughts.
Breathing in this refreshing and warming coffee symphony, Luca outlines plans in the notebook in ink, and then sips his hot coffee, defines his ideas, recipes, adds details to his sketches – the work goes at full speed!
This simple ritual saves our perfumer every time, for to get abstracted and so tuned to work or leisure is really important,

for all of us.